My best sometimes isn’t good enough

So recently I was given a new area of responsibility at work, its kind of work that I’ve never done before. I was very excited about the challenge and broadening my work experience but I feel discouraged at this point. I haven’t had any training and I feel there is a great lack of communication. There’s talking but vague and rushed. Sometimed I feel like I’m being sabotaged to fail but I will not let that happen even if it means working through 9 hour shifts without breaks or lunch. I know I got this and when I master this area it will be time to say good bye and take my skills and hard work somewhere ¬†else where I will be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “My best sometimes isn’t good enough”

  1. I have recently joined a new job. No one wants to give me a chance to work on anything because they think I will screw it up however I am persistent in getting work and practicing so that I don’t fail. Good luck! Hard work always pays off. The hard part is overcoming the discouraged feeling!

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