May 4 – Had doctor appointment this morning and was told I won’t be having a scan until after the 6th chemo which is supposed to the last one of this kind. Doctor wants a pet again and not just a regular ct. Whatever. After all she is running this show. Prayers going out to those of you going through some rough times right now and you know who you are. Stay strong and keep the faith.

Went into a completely filled chemo room and for the first time ever when the nurse accessed the port for the blood test it HURT like really bad. The only thing I did differently I think was that I was sitting up and not reclined at least I think but I could be wrong and she just caused all this pain herself. When my eyeballs finally left the ceiling and returned to my head the saline solution was next and that is the stuff that you can taste and it is nasty, then bag of nausea, bag of Benedryl and finally onto the first bag of chemo drugs. Finally another saline flush and then the thing was pulled out but not without pain once again. Tomorrow is the dreaded shot day and I certainly hope I don’t get that same nurse. Help me God if I do. From here going forward things will be as follows. This I assume if scan comes back with good news. Shot tomorrow, blood test next two weeks and once again I hope I don’t get tech that did the last one as she left a HUGE bruise on my arm not even near where the needle went in. Chemo #5, shot day, (ONE MORE) blood test, blood test, shot day, Chemo #6 (last one) Shot day (LAST ONE), scan, new chemo with one chemo drug that targets the cancer cells directly but best part NO more SHOTS, no more going for blood tests as these will only be done before chemo and some pills that doctor didn’t get into yet but NO MORE SHOTS. YEAH YEAH YEAH so counting tomorrow 3 more shots. This plan goes on for a year then just pills for 4 to 5 more years. Got an insurance statement cost $123,000 and I had no surgery other than the port which was outpatient at the hospital. I have met my yearly out of pocket maximum of $6850. All seems good and once again doctor is pleased. Very pleased. Now say a prayer that I get through tomorrow’s shot day and that I don’t get that same nurse. Doctor said all the chemo is building up in my body and so each time after chemo the issues I have will probably continue to get worse. Just found out from work I can’t use MY earned sick days to get paid for days off. Gee thanks. Next paycheck will be 3 days for two weeks unless I use vacation. What I go through is no vacation believe me. A big THANK YOU to everyone for all the prayers. They seems to be working.


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