Negativity- seen as an unattractive trait!

Have you ever been told that being sad and negative in front of people is an unattractive trait to have? That you are better off being positive and people would want to be around you more and you would have more friends?

Being positive would be an option if switching from feeling sad and unloved to being positive and outgoing was easy. What people do not realize is, being sad is not an option or choice. An individual does not get feelings of sadness, emptiness, loneliness by choice. I mean if they had the option to be happy I am sure they would.

These days, more importance is given to those who have the most amount of friends, whoever is popular and entertaining amongst the crowds. But, what about antisocial, introverted people? Aren’t they as interesting as the extroverted people? I am pretty sure they are if you ever tried to get to know them. It seems as if people don’t have the energy to deal with negative people and their emotions these days so positive people are more approached when others are wanting friends.

People say you shouldn’t be sad, there are people out there with far worse problems then you. This is true. There may be many people out there with more problems than us but can we really measure physical and mental pain between the two? Everyone has a different pain level so is it really a valid measure?

For example,  a person may be rich with lots of friends, and have lots of money but for some reason is sad, lonely and depressed due to the lack of intimacy, connections with family and real relationships whereas another individual could be a homeless person with no money and no food or water living on the streets. They may be in pain due to hunger, lack of love and sympathy. How do we compare the pain between these two individuals? Are we saying that the rich guy has less pain than the homeless guy because he is better off?

The struggle is real for everyone. Everyone feels pain in a different way, so really there is no way to judge who is going through more pain than the other.

One thought on “Negativity- seen as an unattractive trait!”

  1. Who said being sad is an unattractive trait. The top three cute moments of my life included a moment when a class fellow of mine lost 10 solid marks in a test I looked at her face I kept looking. She looked amazingly cute I had never seen anyone more cute.

    A friend of mine would always look sad, who am I kidding I met him today and he was still the same. He has his strong points and whenever I ask him why is he sad he has an authentic reason but then the authenticity of a reason depends on the region you live in like here where I live If I’m sad because my cat died it not an authentic reason for a guy to be sad.

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