Sudden meeting

A sudden group meeting

today i ha a sudden group meeting of management consulting. This sudden group meeting was caused by myself. I was too panicked re reading our assignment that is going to be submit in 2 days which is totally wrong. Not all of it though but it was not related. I panicked and everyone got panicked. I got mad at everyone and every one of my teammates got silence because they were all confused they thought that they have their own part. So i told them in a bad way to re read our presentation, and they started realizing that its not 100% correct. I was so pissed not controlling my anger i got mad at each of teammate. I feel really bad after that because all my mate feel wronged or blamed and situation turn awkward after that. soon after we re-write our presentation and edit it to make it look perfect, i started apologizing to them for getting mad at them. I started thinking it was not the right way to yell at them i should just talk calmly with them which could make the environment much more better and for my teammates not to feel scared or burden of me. iI feel very guilty and sorry for that accident. I reflected back at my home on what should i have done earlier. for myself, i should not be panicked or worried because myself as a leader on my group, it will slowly affect everyone mind or emotions by my panicking style. I should just changed or re-edit slowly step by step which could make it easier for me or divided the parts to my teammates. 

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