Water Crisis

These days I could see many countries are being affected from water crisis and drought. In some countries, they don’t have sufficient water for drinking; forget about water to be use for other purpose. For instance, people living in India are one affected mostly. Some are dying while waiting in a queue to fetch water from neighboring place and some don’t even have a source for clean water. I feel that down the line in near future, water would become one of the most precious of all and it would cost more than the cost of present jewelry in the market. Above all I feel that it would create disharmony in the society and surrounding environment. Further, because of adversity in getting drinking water, one state may fight with another for the same. This may happen in near future as we can see at the present moment that many of the people in the community are being seen fighting each other to get a little volume of drinking water.  In a broader view, one may even have to risk our life for obtaining abundant amount of drinking water in near future.

If you guys think of reason behind the extinction of water sources in the Himalayan countries then it is very simple. To me, I feel that the main reason is due to global warming effect. It affects equally to all the countries around the world. In the Himalaya countries, water source may become smaller and smaller and in some day it may dry up fully. While in the low lying countries, the sea level may rise significantly and the cause would be an accessible land may submerge under water in near future. It will bring havoc to the people living in low lying places. By letting known the aforementioned cause and conditions, we all should know how to combat global warming effect in future. It is impossible to eradicate the cause of global warming at once but we all should work together and bring down the global warming effect step by step. Every one of us should be considered as a factor which contributed to the cause of global warming. If we are concern citizen of the world we live with then we all should shoulder the responsibility of bringing down the global warming effect steadily.  This is just my option and it is not to hurt sentiments of any sentient beings around the world.

Now, there are numerous ways in which every individual can contribute and bring down the global warming effect on this earth.  For me, first step would be i) by planting trees as much as possible, ii) by disposing of non-biodegradable things such as plastics and glass etc.. in a proper way (i.e. we can collect all those things and take it to factory for recycle) iii) by nurturing the existing environment and etc. Those are some of the ways in which every one of can contribute to reduce the global warming effect. Some may think, it is others responsibility to tackle those harmful effects but to me I feel that if we all work together then one day or other we can bring down the global warming effect and let our own grandson shall feel the freshness and coolness of being born on this beautiful earth.  

My last wish is that ‘let’s all put our hands together and fight to reduce the global warming effect’

2 thoughts on “Water Crisis”

  1. Thank you for this, I knew global warming was a for sure thing. But no one really talks about it as much anymore, I mean I hear about not having clean air in certain parts of the IS cause of certain factories. An I know China is highly polluted over there. We do need our trees to help with the clean air, sadly people cut them down like flies. Water gets dirtier by the minute because of waste and oil. No one really notices the dangers all that much until it starts to affect certain people badly… then they know a change is needed…

  2. ya sure,,, thanks for being one of the concern citizen in this world

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