Who is your bias in BTS and why you stan him?

CRFfP45WcAIb2sLWho’s my bias? I seriously can’t pick my bias in Bangtan.

      Sometimes I wake up thinking Taetae bec of his cute and unique characteristic and so with his so called rectangular smile BUT SOMETIMES Kookie ( the muscle idiot ). Even he’s the youngest, he is the manliest of the group BUT SOMETIMES Hobi ( The Group’s Clown ). Even he’s scared of everything, he never failed to make the members and ARMYs happy ( especially me ) BUT SOMETIMES Suga ( the musical genius ) bec of his “SWAG” antics and I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude THEN Chim chim bec he is an angel and devil at the same time ( And goshh I literally can’t get over how perfect Jiminnie is, I mean just look at those eyes those squishy cheeks those tiny hands those fluffy hair and cute nose just I can’t  😍😍😍 GODDAMN ) THEN Jin bec he’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever known and bruhh he’s so caring of everyone around. And what I love him the most? He’s so inlove with food🍕🍔🍟🍗🍝🍤🍙🍚🍜🍲🍢🍧 just like me ㅋㅋㅋ  THEN Rapmon bec of his brain ( oh man I really do need his brain. Seriously. ), his charisma, derpiness, and being an exceptional leader AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.( the cycle never stop ) Srsly, the struggle is real. So I completely give up to pick a bias..So for me they’re all my bias. Yeshh all of them. I fairly love them all.

BTS my source of happiness
       BTS my source of happiness

      But honestly the reason why I stan RM bec he is Kim Namjoon, I stan Jin bec he’s Kim Seokjin, Suga bec he is Min Yoongi, Hobi bec he’s Jung Hoseok, chim chim bec he is Park Jimin, Bwi bec he is Kim Taehyung and Kookie bec he’s Jeon Jungkook. I stan them all bec they’re BTS.

      I love them not just bec they’re good looking. I love BTS it’s bec of their dorkness, attitudes, skills, hard work and passion and also I love them bec they’re real.MDrSmQq 

      I love them for who they really are.ONSTAGE OR OFFSTAGE, ONCAM OR OFFCAM. I love them all to death. They all give me too many feels..

      I seriously hate comparing BTS to other idol group bec BTS is completely diff with other group. Can BTS just stay as “BTS”.

      BTS Is BTS, other idol group are other idol group. Just like what Duterte have said “YOU is YOU, I am I “.. SO LET’S STOP COMPARING..  

      Everyone all I need is FANDOM PEACE or wtvr you call it.

      Please don’t mind my wrong grammar. It’s doesn’t matter anyways..









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