The funk is lifting. My good eating habits are all gone to hell however. I’ve got to get past that and move on. I had a good run yesterday morning. Still slow but better than Monday and it was so good to be out there. Having some anxiety regarding Mother’s Day. I just want to be with my mom but I won’t be. Still I am blessed that she is still here on earth. Very blessed. I think of my friends and family members that no longer have their mom’s physically present. I am sad for them but at the same time I know they have their mothers’ love and spirit with them always. My cousins lost their mother last July. My niece and nephew’s lost their mother (my sister) last May 31st.  I just want to hug all of them.

I am very blessed to be the mom of my 2 amazing kids. I love them so. I can’t imagine life without them.  I have a joyful heart!

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