Day 37 – BFA


I’m going to start with a rigorous schedule tomorrow.
I’m still thinking about whether I should take a summer class or not. I feel like I need to rest and build up my skills by myself for a while.
But I will definitely start producing more art tomorrow.
I want to draw, paint, sculpt, and take photos. I feel so excited about this summer vacation, but I really need to make it a productive period and actually take advantage of the time I’m given. I want to produce amazing works of art by the end of this holiday.

This past semester was actually amazing in a way. I enjoyed my classes. I’m going to miss film photography, and I will definitely still keep on taking photos with my film camera and keep learning about film photography. I had my work exhibited twice, but it was no big deal. My photos were exhibited in the art building in my university along with other students work. But that was like an assignment that we had to do for my photography class, so it doesn’t count. I’m still thinking of whether I want to get a BFA or just graduate with a BA in art practices. The BFA degree has a prestige to it, and I’ll be able to learn more. Currently my emphasis is in photography, but also sculpture in a way. If I were to do a BFA, I’d do it in photography, and I feel like that would be so exciting, and I think that I should go for it and get the BFA.
My grades so far in art are excellent and I’m proud of myself, so I still have a chance to get the BFA. I will just need to work on building my portfolio during the summer and apply for the BFA by the end of next semester. I guess in this case, it would be a good thing for me to take the summer class in video. It will be helpful.

But this is the right major for me. I love it so much. I can’t believe how lucky I am.

I won’t let it slip from my hands. I will become the artist I wish to become.
I will read as much as I could and practice a lot.

I would have liked to write more, so maybe I’ll do that later.

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