Fucking piss taker, moans, gets moody, bangs doors all because I was writing my feelings down and he wanted to hold me before I go asleep. 

What dose he do after stopping me from doing some think that was to help me and HIM? He lays at bottom of bed playing on phone. Then when he dose come up holds me for a few minuets then starts getting sexual. I say sorry I’m not in the mood he then gets in a mood goes down stairs for a drink and ends up making some think to eat. 

After that he lays there on his fucking phone. I say to him that he wanted to cuddle me but he says he can’t because I am smoking. Sorry but I have to put up with him on his laptop or wii when holding him when going asleep, don’t see me moaning. I then remind him that he wanted to hold me before I go asleep but yet again more excuses. I could have still been writing and maybe finished by now. 

But no what he wants he gets, and even when he gets what he wants its not enough, he wants more. 

That is what makes some one diss like some one.

Selfish, only caring about one regardless if the other.

There is only a few people that know who I really am on this. But I don’t care, I WANT TO DIE. 

But I can’t just yet my sister has just lost some one special to her. But 6 month is the time I need. The time I need to sort out who is having what. 

Then see if people can deal with what I have too, let people find out how much I have done for them. 


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