Interesting Life

A lot happened today.

Last night I went to sleep at 4 am woke up at 9 am went to University at 10 am.
I had three lectures today but I missed the first one. The lectures ended at
12:45 pm. Today was a party of “Computer Society” which I am a part of. We organize
workshops relating to the field. After each workshop a budged is approved for the
organizing team. We usually just organize a small party with the money.

I went out with my friend at 1 pm to get sandwiches. It took the restaurant a whole
hour to prepare them. We got back to the university at 2 pm. Everyone was gathered and
were waiting in the meeting room by the time we got back.

We got back handed over the food and I went to offer my prayer in the prayer room on my
way back got a book issued from the department library.

When I got back the soon to be supervisor of our society was there. Our society is somewhat
new and he is the one supporting us now a day. There are some Professors who don’t approve
of any kind of society or extracurricular activity and I nearly got into a fight with one
of them in the past and surely it wouldn’t have ended well for me, luckily I backed off which
I usually don’t do ’cause I was getting these killer vibes from that Professor.

The Professor who is going to take over the society as the supervisor gave a 30 min long lecture
which was very inspiring but with an empty stomach and sandwiches in form it became difficult to
endure. After we ate there was a small awarding ceremony we had prepared certificated for all the
members and volunteers which were handed to everyone by the Professor.

After the little party it was 4 pm and I then with my friend went to the annual “Book Fair” of the
University which was being held today and was going to continue for three days. When we got there
I saw a banner of an event of “Mushaira”[Poetry] I had missed it last year due to my own mistake,
the date I knew was not correct and thus I had missed it last year. I had no idea it was going to
be held today this year. It was a pleasant coincident.

We went into the hall… more like a conference hall, where it was being held. I started 30 min late.

I am a student of IT thus I or any of my colleges have no or very little attachment to literature, you know,
programmers are well known for their grammar and spelling mistakes. More then 70 percent of the people there
belonged to Oriental Departments.

Great poets of today were present at that place and I was so excited to see them.

The event started with the recitation of the Holy Book and then there was a poem about the poet. After this
different Professors form different department were called one one on the stage and they presented there
work in front of the audience and the famous poets of the country.

The first Professor was from the department of Urdu then the next one was form the department of Law, next form
the department of Zoology, next form the department of Punjabi, next form the department of “Pashto”, next form
department of “Sindhi” and this cycle went on for a while was each challenging the one before him/her. Every
poem recited was beautiful and I had never heard thing more beautiful coming for a human heart.

Then it was the turn of Professors who had retired and were called for this special occasion. They were incredible
each verse they said stroke my heart and pierced into the soul.

Then finally was the turn of the famous and well known poets of the country. They were all very aged and old but
still they were lively more then a young man would be in his 20 s. They all were fabulous beyond the imagination
this day was the best in my 2 years life until now in this University, by the way I study in a Government University
and it the largest and oldest University of my Country.

Two out of four National poets who were called, had studied in our University.

One of the famous poets said a poem in he had described students from a Professors perspective in the examination hall.
He had written this poem when he himself was a Professor in our University. It the most funny poem I had ever heard.

In the end the Vice Chanceler of our university [We have a V.C system similar to the dean type thing or whatever it is
in in other countries] came on the stage, today I had seen him for the first time. He said a romantic poem and them a
poem against the tree being cut down in the name of progress. He told us that he had planted 30 thousand tree in the
university last year and the trees had 90 percent chances of survival.

He was fixed on trees because in the past week the government has cut down hundred of tree from all the governmental property
which included the university but he denied access of university to the tree cuter and he didn’t let them cut a single tree.
He said that he is preparing lungs for this city.

With that the event of poetry ended.

It was 7:30 pm.

We then came outside and my fiend called a friend of his who soon showed up and treated us drinks, I said I wanted tea.
We talked to him for nearly an hour and then we went to the book fair on my way in I met a guy with whom I met in
a MUN a year ago. We talked a bit and then I asked him do you still do MUN and he said he Chairs MUN now[means he now act as a judge]
[MUN: Model United Nation]. The MUN I had attended with him was my first and had only attended one other MUN after that I got a
Honorable mention in that my 2nd MUN. In the time in which I did two MUN he got from being a contestant to a Judge.

I bought a diary and a story book “Jack and Jill” each for half a dollar.

I drop my friend on my way back. Yes! Here most student prefer to live with there families instead of hostels.
I got home ate, played a little “Tanki Online” and then I started writing this journal and now I am going to sleep.

Also I have hyper Hydro-sis and it is getting really really worse.

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