Know Thyself: How to Develop Self-Awareness by Bill George

I have read an article oh the Psychology Today which is written by Bill George about how to develop self awareness within the emotional intelligence since its key aspect of the EQ.  It has been stated that knowing your own story first is the first step to develop this skill. Experience, events and people that has the greatest impact on your life. For instance my parents, they sent me studying in Sydney to become more independent and learn things by your own. You cannot be too much dependable on  others. This could increase your leadership style by making decision on your own. Experience in university, such group assignment, being a committee of the Indonesian association where you can learn teamwork, increasing social skills, responsibility and leading the juniors that has entered uni or do not have enough knowledge in particular task. Secondly create a habit of reflection, for instance what i have done in the blog is a reflection of my daily activities  on how to improve emotional intelligence. Another example would be, myself listening to music and reflect on what have i been doing in my studies at university  and write a summary of each subject that i have learned through lecture and tutorial, which could be effective and efficient later on when its exam is coming up. Lastly a frequent feedback of myself about my weaknesses that i gain from others perspective. This feedback will be done by myself later on this week, which i am going to ask my friends about my weaknesses and  how to improve it. 

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