Mays Last Entry

I’m going to give up my phone and apps for a while. Internet. The only connection I have to the outside. So this is my last thought for May.

They say I’m sleeping my life away now. I say I’m on an adventure. Everyday I get worse and become unable to do something that would’ve been a breeze a week ago. So I sleep. Why? It’s my New escape. When I’m unconscious I can do what I please. I can run and breath like I used to. I can climb the mountains or spend endless hours on the shore without worrying about overdoing it. I can laugh without the need to puke or pass out. I can dance and have fun like before. I can live the life and do the things I can no longer do. I can love without restriction. I can build a life that doesn’t revolve around the words “The results came out abnormal.. We need to run a few more tests.” I can dream about a future. Who knows, maybe even marriage.. And beautiful children who will never have to experience this pain.

Before you tell me I’m being lazy and sleeping my life away, let me take you on my adventure.

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