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Paranormal Psychosis

Hello All,

  Just picking up where I left off, I am still covering my background story here, or at least parts of it, there’s so much that happened to me throughout the course of this past year that I could just keep going on and on about it, but I do want this journal to be more about my current day to day issues in dealing with this bizarre experience that I believe is paranormal/other worldly in origin.

  I had quit messing around with EVP in the end of February, 2015 after I began to hear the same malicious and threatening voices that I had begun to hear on my recordings, outside of my recordings, whoever these malevolent spirits are, they more or less came out of the recordings and I began to hear them on a daily basis.

 Aside from the voices I also began to experience strange physical sensations such as a finger poking me in my lower back as I lay in bed at night as well as strange and intense vibration sensations that seemed to move around my body. These sensations were so intense I remember a few times when I was literally awoken from sleep by the feeling of intense shaking.

 I know it may sound like I had simply freaked myself out by messing around with EVP and created this whole unusual situation all up in my imagination. However, I can’t put into words how vivid, real and intense these voices and sensations were. And just to state again, the EVPs that I have captured though out January and February were also heard by several others that I played the recordings to.

 I started experiencing these strange phenomenon in late February, they increased though out March, in fact, I would say that March was a month of steady escalation, each day it just seemed to get worse and worse until finally, over the course of a single morning in the first week of April, 2015, things just exploded to an extreme level.

One morning as I was at work, literally all at once the voices just seemed to be all around me now with such intensity. There was no one single way that I heard these voices either. Often I would hear them coming in over a steady background noise, they always seemed to be the strongest when I heard them in this manner. I believe that often spirits can manipulate sound waves to form a more audible voice, in this way they are heard louder. However, I also heard them as fainter voices that seemed to surround me, several seemed to get right up into my ears and speak to me. Other times, and this was one of the scariest, I would hear them as if they were originating from within my own body.

 I literally couldn’t function anymore that morning, I told my boss I was feeling sick and went home immediately. The voices harassed me the whole way home and there was no let up once I got there. Where as in March things were escalating, but not constant, now as of that morning in early April, the voices were much stronger and non-stop. I heard them every waking moment and would continue to do so for several months (I still hear them everyday, but I’m getting more able to block them out at times).

 Things were so bad in these first few weeks, that I was calling out of work allot and literally either laying in bed for hours on end just staring at the walls taking the abuse of these malevolent entities, or I would be out on my back porch smoking cigarette after cigarette just trying to calm my nerves as much as possible (it didn’t work).

 I can’t describe in words how intense these voices were back then. I remember that there was one menacing voice in particular that had such a deep bass tone to it that when it spoke I could literally feel shockwaves shaking the ground. They were constant, but really bad at night. They seemed to be intentionally trying to deprive me of sleep, and it worked. I was becoming worn down, averaging only about 4 hours of sleep a night for the first two weeks of this ordeal. I was taking over the counter sleep aids but they seemed to have little effect. It wasn’t until I got a prescription of Ambien that I was able to get a little more sleep.

  The physical sensations were also much more intense now than they were in March. I would feel small “things” literally attaching themselves to me causing slight pinching and stinging sensations. This also made it more difficult to sleep. No matter which way I turned, these sensations would start up. I also remember a few occasions where I felt these “small things” literally moving around in my body. It was terrible beyond words. I had no idea what was going on or what was going to happen to me. These entities were constantly telling me they were going to “take my spirit” and kill me and at the time I truly believed them (which gave them more strength).

Aside from the voices and physical attacks, I also experienced a few “poltergeist” like incidents. I would hear banging on walls and hear people running through my house and especially up and down my stairs even though no one was there but me. On one occasion, a door slammed violently open in front of me. All of these incidents confirmed for me that I was dealing with something beyond my understanding here. Tricks of the mind don’t kick open doors.

Looks like I’ll have to follow up this entry with at least one more that covers parts of my background story. I could just keep going on and on, but I have to stop myself as I want this journal to be more about where I am today.

Also I just want to say, that while my own story talks allot about evil spirits and terrifying experiences, etc… I certainly don’t want to seem all doom and gloom on the subject of spirituality and the afterlife. I know there is much better and beautiful spirit realms out there somewhere, but I think what I came into contact with and what many who dabble with this do as well, is the shadow world that seems to linger over our material world. In this dimension there are all sorts, but there are elements that I can truly only describe as evil who are hell bent on causing harm, at least that’s how I see things. This realm is the closest to us dimensionally and also the easiest but most risky to establish contact with.

thank you to anyone who read this.


also if anyone finds this that also experienced or is experiencing something similar, I’d love to share experiences  more in-depth, my email is






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  1. Dear Brian, I used to have sleep paralysis and felt something was trying to tear my soul apart from my body. I learned that if I said “Jesus”—-that simple prayer made the scary stuff back off. I want to encourage you to put the paranormal behind you and ask Jesus Christ to come in and keep you safe and clean, and make you His. Bless you very much, dear boy.

  2. “it’s all in your mind”

    well, you have your opinion and I have mine, but I do thank you for taking the time to read my entry…thanks again

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