Pregnant Lesbian

I was able to communicate with an old customer of mine from Turkey Hill on Carlisle Street, Hanover, Pennsylvania.  I came to find out that Morgan is pregnant!

Now, I do not have any issues with homosexuals — My oldest and best of friends are lesbians, what have you.  I am just surprised that she had become pregnant.  Back when I worked at Turkey Hill, Morgan would come in as high as a kite.  She is an absolute sweetheart but she was a serious Lesbian.  (There was actually a time that I was told she may have ‘liked’ me as more than a friend-type like.)

Anyways, come to find out that she is not only pregnant but 7-weeks pregnant!  She also has been mistaking me for my sister, Ashley who actually has a child.  I thought she would have been more excited to talk to me rather than Ashley considering I worked there for 2-years and Ashley, a few months at the most.


Anyways, that is the good news of the day!!

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