Smokes and mirrors

So yea, I messed up my routine already of writing everything here every night. Though I do have an alibi for it.

So yesterday was a busy day. In between doing myriads of mundane tasks and preparing for school (I don’t know how it is for others, but mine takes about 3 hours straight to do masses of homework assigned every day), I managed to stay up well past my usual bed time of 11 pm( I am an early bird) and naturally over slept. So instead of going to school I’ve called in sick. My parents don’t really care one way or another, and I’ve also managed to do whatever my peers where doing at home through a friend I will name Klei.

He is extremely stubborn and straightforward, even when being so causes him problems, and yet a genius in all things technological. Naturally, being so different, we are best friends, because what we both love is drama and arguments. Since causing them to other people is objectively morally wrong we just argue between each other on the plethora of topics.

So he and Scarlet have sent over all the information I needed, a thing that wouldn’t have happened 2 years ago, since I was so shy and introverted. Hell, even now I don’t have a normal facebook photo, even though my friend count substantially increased.

I still debate whenever or not I should say that I worked out or not, since I am trying to make it a daily occurrence. I guess I will mention it until it will happen mechanically, which it currently isn’t.

I’ll probably start hammering out the plot to my book today, since I don’t feel like I can do something better tonight.

Now that I read this wall of texts there is an awful number of ‘I’s’. Good dumplings do help with thinking clearly, it seems. Or they don’t, but I can’t judge.

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