Wk 1: Day 7 Thursday

On Thursdays I participate in work experience with an animal pet sitting and walking company. I do this through my animals studies course that I study through tafe which requires me to complete 4 hours a week of working with animals.

As I start the day I always feel excited to be the dogs and the fun that I have with them but there’s always an anxious feeling I get before I get there. I gathered it’s most likely the constant thoughts that run through my head such as thinking about having to socialise with dog owners and others at dog parks but as soon as I get there I’m completely settled in and relaxed. 

As my day went on picking up dogs, walking them and pet sitting puppies I noticed how much more relaxed and calm I am when being around dogs. It’s like the energy that dogs give off is some sort of a stress reliever. I can see now how the owners of the company are always so relaxed even though it’s just two of them taking on the roles and responsibilities of a whole company. I thought about how animals such as dogs could be incorporated into some sort of a therapy for people suffering from mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety. Some people may not feel comfortable talking to therapist or psychologists so interacting with animals could be the perfect stress reliever and joy lifter. 

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