Wtf do i want

Its so crazy to me to think i’m not going to be this age forever and that i won’t be in high school anymore its just so crazy.

I feel like i’m not prepared for my future or what my future holds. I’m scared straight 

whats making me go crazy is the thought of all the drama in high school and all the guys who have made me cry for 2 weeks straight won’t mean anything after high school its like after the last year of high school this is where we start our lifes. All the hell we think we are going through in high school wont mean anything.

i don’t even know if i’m prepared for my future at all and like you never know what the future holds and im terrified that my future will take a wrong turn.

My therapist was saying live life now so you can learn from mistakes and how life is all about passing the torch.

but what if one day in my future when i become what i want and im helping a patient and they ask me how did you become where you are today what am i gonna say like how am i gonna react.How am i gonna pass my knowledge to someone else and help them with there future how am i gonna write my college admission how am i supposed to write about what i have experienced in a letter and will they accept me and who will accept me??????

There are just so many thoughts going through my head at once like what am i gonna do

i cant breathe because all these thoughts are suffocating me

help i need some answers  

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  1. Just breathe. I promise that when you look back at this moment in time, it doesn’t matter. The world is big and scary but I believe in one step at a time. Enjoy every little “first” in your life. It goes by so fast and if you don’t stop to enjoy it and breathe, it will pass you by and that panic you feel right now, will culminate in a life not lived. At every moment you can, stop, and look around and appreciate where you are and what you have achieved. When that happens, you will easily be able to share your life experiences with love and passion it deserves. Good luck. And remember you are only a failure if you stop trying.

  2. Change is super scary. I remember feeling exactly like that right before high school was over. High school felt like my ENTIRE life, and how I was so wrong! High school was extremely hard for me (emotionally and mentally) but I am so much better now. So, so much better. I like what KittyKat said above. Just breathe. Stressing out about the future in this very moment will not do anything to help you. Write out a check list, or future goals, and slowly make your way to them. You don’t need to decide everything right now. Good luck!

  3. Have more confidence in your own decisions.
    You sound like me at your age so worried about the future and where i might fuck it up, but its the present you should be focused on. Without creating a stable present, you have no basis for a stable future.

    Pick something you are passionate about, get as much advice from college advisors to follow the right path to that career, then do it, and enjoy YOUR LIFE between stepping stones.

    Life is all about plan of action in my case. Without a plan, i got lost in parties, boys, drugs….bad decisions… once i got a plan i was passionate about, it a came together

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