Im not allowed

I am not allowed too;

  • Be unhappy – Because it makes him unhappy
  • Write when I want too – because what I write is about my feelings 
  • Go out alone or stay in alone – because I WILL cheat!
  • To work – because I am not devoting my time to him. 
  • To cry – Because i have no need, I have a good life. 
  • To play games for too long – because he wants cuddles and attention while playing his wii. 
  • To scratch – Because it irritates him
  • Make noise when eating – because it irritates him
  • Self harm – because it makes him do it
  • Take overdoses – because it makes him do it

But my boyfriend is, infant there is not any think that he will do when asked not too. If I do any of that he gets into a mood. Verbally and physically aggressive. When he dose it and I say some think I get the same. I am not allowed to have a problem with any think he dose or do but he is allowed to have a problem with me and I have stop or change.

If not feel his anger. 

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