Nurse Jackie

Tomorro is my adoptive mothers 65th birthday party.

Originally, I had started to plan a surprise birthday party for her last year when requested by my incarcerated brother, but her being the control freak she is, took over my idea, so the surprise part is NO MORE. Lol. I have no problem with this. Less prework for me. 

I still am not excited for tomorrow however. She is such a perfectionist, she has already stressed me to my limit for the week and i still have to go home and make beans and rice for 200😒 which is not what i told the dance lady…shes going to be shocked when her bar fills up with our guests 😌 

I am exhausted and feeling like Nurse Jackie In her last scene at all Saints hospital…where she snorts 3 bags of heroin and passes out?? Im ready for a long dirt nap😌 

One thought on “Nurse Jackie”

  1. Thank you Teapoet i am happy the party is over. I enjoyed maybe an hours worth total. But it wasnt about me so i put on my happy face and faked my way thru it like a good daughter After an hour of pouting cause her food wasnt hot enough when her guest arrived my mother finally lifted her taurus spirits. Hahha Luckily i have both. The flighty mother i am only aquainted with in another state and the perfectionist here in my midst Some would say i am lucky

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