Paranormal Psychosis: Part 2

So this will be just a brief wrap up into some of my background story, I could literally write a book about all of the strange things that happened to me about this time a year ago, but I want to write this journal from my current perspective about all of this, but of course, my story is so bizarre, I did feel the need to write some back ground to it.

Where I left off was the spring of 2015 (exactly a year ago), just an even quicker recap, I had been doing my own personal paranormal investigating you could say, primarily though doing EVP. Within just a few short weeks after starting with this, I achieved conversation level contact with spirits.  I was hearing them and getting answers to questions on every EVP recording that I did.  At first all of these spirits seemed very kind and benevolent, but within about two months time, my recording sessions came to be dominated by menacing, threatening voices. Even worst, I began to hear these malicious voices outside of my recordings and experience what I can only describe as very bizarre physical sensations and even physical attacks like feeling fingers poking me in the back, slight bites and stings, and strange but intense vibration sensations that seemed to move around my body.

By early April of last year, the situation exploded to a horrific level, something straight out of a horror movie. I was hearing these tormenting voices non-stop 24/7 as well as an escalation in the physical attacks. I also experienced some “poltergeist” activity in my home, ie: banging on walls, hearing people running though the house when I was alone, I also had a door violently slammed open in front of me on one occasion.

 My life just about fell apart, the voices were constant. I was hanging on by a thread at my job just trying to function, but it was hard, real hard, I kept hearing menacing voices saying

“This is really happening”

 These voices would attack me all day long. They liked to torment me about all of my flaws and my sins. They were constantly judging me and berating me. They would also constantly threaten me with “execution” and also saying that they were going to “take my spirit”.

The situation was so unreal and horrific, I truly thought I wouldn’t ever get out of it. I thought this was the end. These voices assumed all sorts of different identities from demons, to Lucifer, to human spirits, to angels etc…the story lines they were telling me always kept changing. They seemed to be intentionally trying to keep my mind spinning in confusion, to paralyze me with fear.

They seemed to know everything about me, including my every thought and they would always try and turn it against me to instill fear and dread.

Things carried on like this for a few months. Then I started to find others online who had gone though the exact same experience. Finding them was a blessing. These malevolent entities try and isolate you, to keep you in a state where they can easily manipulate you. They intentionally try and drag you down and cause as much damage to your life as possible. But finding others that knew personally what I was going through was an enormous help.  They guided me through taking the power away from these evil entities and helped me to get back to a more functional state.

I’m still dealing with this spiritual attack, oppression, obsession, etc.. whatever it is…. to this day, but with time I’m learning to minimize the effect that these entities can have on me.

All of the talk about negative spirits feeding on fear and negative emotions is 100% accurate I learned from personal experience. They can cause allot of harm in  our lives if we let them, but if we learn to control our fear, we can take power away from them. Now to me they are just an extreme annoyance …but they no longer instill fear in me. They are much weaker than they let on, their strength is in their ability to get their victim to believe their lies and illusions, take that ability away from them and their attacks become weaker and weaker with time, but it is a process of learning through experience.



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