Starting to feel small again…

 I’m not tearing myself down today. I’m not calling myself fat or talking about the things that I don’t like. Because I’m starting to feel smaller, leaner, daintier, and closer to my goal weight.

I’ve been on this dieting roller coaster for the past few months….I’ll have periods of limiting calories followed by an “AW FUCK IT” in which I gorge on junk food for several days. It’s not healthy. I want to be skinny but I haven’t exactly been trying. And I’ll admit. I’ve been very cruel to myself in that pursuit. 

I haven’t been eating much more than produce for the past few days, but I haven’t been starving. When I want junk food, I’ve found that I can “squash” those cravings with hot tea or ice water. When I want Taco Bell, I eat an avocado instead. It feels SO GOOD to be full on one avocado. It makes me feel “cleaner”. 

This morning I stepped on the scale and saw that in the past few days, I have dropped 4 lb. It feels really good. I’ll have my ideal body eventually, I just have to be patient with myself. 

2 thoughts on “Starting to feel small again…”

  1. Good on ya mate, I can’t do that I am still a fat bastered and I have liver disease, taken over doses, laxative. But I am still a fat cunt.

  2. Nice!! As many sad storys i have seen today, it is nice to read one with hope at the end Keep up the positivity

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