Here goes to my first post: I thought I would start it off with a piece I wrote that recently. It was actually my first piece that I wrote in a really long time but it’s not finished so bear with me…

You thought you were the one & I thought so too
But here we are where we though we would never be
But it’s okay cause we’re gonna flourish
I’m gonna flourish
..& you’re gonna flourish
It was just never meant to be
& that’s okay
But I know you’re hurt
..& I’m hurt too
But it gotta be what is cause we not gonna sit here & pretend what we could be
So come here
& waste no time because once you go we won’t be no more
& i can handle that but I’m not trying to have it
cause you can’t be blue & i can’t be blue
Boo, we got things to do
& I’m not trying to rush you
But I just really wanna get loved by you
I need you put in that extra work for me
Hitting that extra soft & sweet
But don’t fall in love with
cause you might get hurt by me
& I don’t want to have to go so quickly
Because you give me that good feeling
that good good good feeling
& this could be all bullshit
but just test the waters with me

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