Mother’s Day Tomorrow

I have the most wonderful mom in the world and she is 92 years old!  There was a time we didn’t get along so well, but we are like two sisters now.  We go walking together a couple of times a week, I call her everyday; we visit the nursing home together to pay attention to lonely people, and sometimes I play old-fashioned hymns on the piano there, to entertain and encourage them.  My mom is older than lots of the people we visit, but you’d never know it. She still drives, cooks, goes to church every Sunday, leads her Circle—-maybe you can tell I’m proud of her.  I’m so thankful that God healed our relationship and that I love her so much, like I ought to, nowadays.  And she loves me!  We are always saying so to each other.  (smile)  My husband is generous and lets me have as much time as I want with my Mom.  He’s a wonderful man.  I love my whole family so much.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Tomorrow”

  1. Keep telling us stories of your mom! Love reading these so glad for you that God has given you each the time to bond now. Man your mother is doing super and this makes me happy for her, for you and for all of us that see her as inspiration. Give her a belated mother’s day hug for me.

  2. Thank you so much! I’ve missed seeing you on here. Glad you’re back!!

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