survey on my friends



As what i have said before that i am going to do a survey to my friend about my weaknesses and how to improve it by asking my closest friend. As you all know, today was is saturday night and of-course i am spending this wonderful night with my university friends which is also one of my best friends who knows me inside out. I asked them about my weaknesses regarding the emotions that i have. They told me that i was too emotionally, i get hurt by little things and overthinking too much. Furthermore, I also have this stubborn personality inside me and selfishness when it come to debating with a person about something that I feel I am 100% right. However those things did not come out often, all of my friends says that this negative emotions come out at a certain point where it creates more of my personality and awareness to others. They say that I have to learn to not being stubborn or selfish by learning others personality and how they engaged in a conflict in a better way. reducing my panicking attitude is by relaxing more and be more optimistic than pessimistic. By taking with my friend about my weaknesses it has helped to me reflect on my weaknesses and how to reduce the negative personality that i have which could increase my self awareness to people around me

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