Wk 2: Day 9 Saturday

Tonight I have decided to have a night out with my friends. My usual nights out consist of a lot of alcohol and dancing. However, for the purpose of this assignment and the three week plan of action I have decided to go out without consuming any alcohol to see how I interact with others. 

The night started off alright as I became pumped for a good night out. My friends came over to mine as they usually do for pre drinks before we go out. They were a little bit shocked when I told them I wasn’t going to be drinking tonight but they proceeded with pre drinks anyway. I did feel a bit left out of the group not being able to drink with them but I was curious as to how I would enjoy the night being completely sober. 

By the time we got to Newtown my friends were completely trashed as I was dead sober but it was quite funny watching them stumble around and talk nonsense. In the club I would usually be straight into dancing and talking to others but tonight I didn’t have the confidence that alcohol usually gives me. It took me a while to get into it but I did eventually start dancing, even if it wasn’t as flamboyant as it usually is. The night progressed and I found I hadn’t met anyone new as I was too shy to talk to others in the club and just stuck to my own group of friends. I also realised that I was getting tired by around 1am when I would usually last till about 3am. 

The next morning was the best part about going out sober. I had zero hang over with no anxious heart palpitations that drinking would usually give me the next morning. I was able to get straight out of bed and on with my day unlike other mornings when I’m stuck in bed feeling anxious and sick.

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