About today

Today was a nice day, thanks to God!

ive been so stressed out about school and all the problems that my family is passing through, so this party came in the right time.

I needed to forget a little about this stuff and live my teenage life, and it was what happened. I went to this part and I drunk a little, so I could dance, and I danced a loooot… It was so fun.

I had 3 boys in mind, but unfortunately none of them were in this party, and the only thing that I remember was that I ended up hooking up with a stranger that I don’t know how it happened, cause I didn’t want to, I can’t believe I kissed him, damnn…. But whatever, it had already happened. At least I have some nice memories about today :).

I had a great time with my friends 😌 now I’m going to sleep, sleep well world!

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