Common Heros

I know there’s a lot of people today thinking about the impact their mother made on them, and I am no different.  My mother is still one of my best friends, but the first best friend I feel I ever had.  She’s such an amazing woman.  She’s selfless, kind, fun, and intelligent. She’s always there for you when you need her, and seems to be able to sense these moments even before I can. 


One of my favorite things about her has always been the way she’s encouraged myself, and my siblings, to be unapologetically who we are.  There’s a lot of great lessens parents get to pass down along the way, but I think this one resonates with me more so than any other.  Don’t ever feel the need to change who you are for someone else.  If someone can’t take you at face value, they don’t deserve a place in your life. 


I wish I could have gone home to see her this weekend, but with me unable to drive and home being a 3 hour commute one way, it just wasn’t feasible to make it back.  I at least got to call and talk to her today.  I sent her flowers and some chocolates from a specialty bakery.  Luckily she’ll be in town in a few weeks so I can visit with her for longer.  Until then, this will have to suffice. 


In the interim, a genuine thank you to her, and all the other mothers out there who sacrifice so much for their children, expecting nothing in return. 

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