Day 72

Saturday, May 7th 2016

Today was alright. Had to wake up early for a blood test. We wanted to be there early and we ended up being late, so we expected a lot of people, but I was the only one there other than three other people. When I went for my blood test, I think I was paired with a shy person or at least soft spoken one, which gave me some comfort. She asked me a question once and I didn’t answer much, so she probably picked up that I don’t talk a lot to people I don’t know. Speaking about people I don’t know, yesterday in Youth a leader I was talking to mentioned that I was waiting for the crowd to leave to get ice cream and he pointed out it was only two people. I said it’s people I don’t know, so I’m not comfortable. I’m not mad for him kinda making a joke out of it, cause he doesn’t really know. I said something about anxiety once, but I don’t think he heard. It’s not his fault, plus he’s more of an extrovert. I actually liked him a lot for a week, but the crush faded, especially because he’s a leader and too old for me. It wouldn’t be appropiate. Plus I feel like I’m very far behind when someone is clearly a lot more knowledgeable than I am when I’m in a relationship. I feel like I’ll never be able to prove I know something more than they do. I value knowledge, that’s why I’m a Ravenclaw.

When I got home I cleaned my room, dusted it and then spent time on my computer playing Town of Salem. I met some people throughout the day, which was one person that was a big fan of BBC Sherlock (I had the name Moriarty, and he had Sherlock) then there was another person who said “David Tennant is bae” and I instantly loved them. We went into a Skype call and the first Sherlock friend was Bulgarian along with his other friend that was playing and the one who talked about Tennant was from the U.S. We talked and played a couple of games before I had to eat. I know doing that is contrary to the last paragraph, but being behind a computer screen, you’re less afraid cause then you don’t see each other’s reactions and if I say something awkward or embarrassing, it’s easier to just change subject instantly.

I ate and watched some psychology videos, this time instead of psychopathy and sociopathy, it was Stockholm syndrome. I then began to read the next Harry Potter book and I read about three chapters. It was about 8:40 when I took a shower and went downstairs to write this entry as I watch Reba, a show I’d love to watch with my mom when I was 12-13. It’s not as good as I remember, but still funny. I remember the scene when Reba couldn’t see and was trying to make a sandwich and Barbra tried to help her without letting know she’s there. It was my favourite scene ever and still kinda is.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Oh my gosh, you watched Reba too?! I used to watch it when I was really little–that scene where Reba couldn’t see has always stuck with me, as well as that episode where Reba was entrusted with providing the local football team’s meal and didn’t give them the right potato salad (at least, I think it was potato salad), which made them freak out. And that scene where Cheyenne proudly announces she has washed all the dishes and scrubbed off all the weird spots, which turn out to be…the flowers her grandmother hand-painted onto the China plates. I was also always really heartwarmed when Reba and Barbra became kind of friendly; it was sweet. Anyway, this comment is too long–it’s so cool you’re already up to day 71!

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