Day 73 – Mother’s day

Monday, May 8th 2016

Happy mother’s day!

That’s exactly what I did today. Started off by waking up early and then making breakfast for my mother, French toast with bacon to be exact (made it with the help of my father). Then we went to church—the service was good—then we left home so I could sign the cards for my grandmothers and mother, then we had lunch with my grandmother, I went upstairs for a bit to read Harry Potter and watch YouTube videos, then we had visit over. We kinda just sat around and talked, I was with my uncle and father most of the time, talking about X Company (my uncle was the one who referred it to us), then I asked my cousin who was just standing there if she wanted to do something. We played Portal 2 for a while (I acted as the mouse and she would move us) before my brother decided to give us the virtual reality headset. We tried before eating and after eating to play Dreadhalls, but I was too afraid and so was she, even if the first level doesn’t have monsters. When the idea of playing a horror game is given to me, I’m not afraid at all, but as soon as it starts, I “nope” out of there (I feel like I could play one without the virtual reality now, though, after experiencing that). Plus, virtual reality is even worse. If my eyes see something, I believe it, so if I’m in virtual reality and I see that I am in a scary room, even if it’s blurry and pixelated, my mind actually thinks what I’m in a scary room in real life. My other uncle tried it and he was afraid at all, but he kept walking around, even though walking in real life doesn’t move you in the game. At some point in the game, he was talking to a face on the wall, but in real life, my brother has a sort of face from Mexico hanged on the wall and my uncle was facing it and talking to it the same way he was talking to one in a game, so that was funny.

Other than that, didn’t do much. I had to take a picture for my art class of things that represent me, which was a close up of the yellow dinosaur my brother gave me, the journal of impossible things from Doctor Who, a Wacom tablet pen then a video game controller, with the Wacom tablet as a backdrop.

That’s all for today.

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