I deserve to be respected

What does he thinks I’m?

We had a “thing”, I’ve already written about him here. We had a thing and we made out sometimes, but the last time we did, he just deleted my chat and he didn’t answer me, so I forgot him. Totally forogit him, I’ve met a super nice guy and he made me feel much more special than this first boy has ever made me feel. Whatever.

so yesterday he sent me a message asking where I was cause he wante to see me, but it was before 00:00 and I was sleeping. The same way I got happy because he messaged me (and I missed him) I got angry because what does he think I am? Does he think that I’m gone be here available whenever he wants just because he was bored and wanted a girl to e with? Sorry but you are not gonna use me! I really liked you, but for you I was just a girl that you used to see during the week, and then, in another day, you were with another girl. No way!!!!!! You were so special to me, and If I meant something for you, I would be so happy to meet you whenever you wanted, but unfortunately I knew you wanted me because it was your best option at the moment, but sorry, I’m not an option, I’m a girl who deserve to be loved 😌

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