the beggining of the destruction

     First of all i want you to know that because I live in a country that doesn’t speak english I don’t know very well how to talk…I must emphasize that this site will be anonymous…..

     Well, I have to say that i don’t lack of money or friends or something like that. But I always feel empty.  I cry for hours and hours uncontrolaby without any result. So last summer i started cutting myself….yes  I know that’s stupid  but it’s the only thing that makes me feel good because I stopped the mental pain . I don’t cut myself to feel pain, but to see myself bleed, something about makes me feel better. Yes, I am  self-harmer and no, i don’t wanna die. Is the only pain i have control over.

     Fortunately,  I am not addicted in this. And I won’t  be.  I really hope to understand my situation  and not judge me.


                                                                                                                                 hopeless  girl


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