What’s Changed

So why do I no longer like her and her kids company? Actually that sounds nasty but I guess the truth is I would be happy they didn’t. I don’t dislike them, quite fond of the kids actually. No the problem is that she and her side of ber family think they are uber special  that they are loved the most and deserve prefrential treatment. Why? They don’t extend the same curtesy to me and mine. Why should every occassion be centred around them. Is not evryone special in their own right?  

Reading this you may conclude that I lack confidence and self esteem, that I do not have the courage to voice my feelings? Yes and no.

Yes I am confident, I can more than stand up to others when my decisions are being challenged in an effort to place me in a box and no there are times when you must pick your battles, far better to lose a battle or two than to wave the white flag and surrender in war. There are times when you initailly are hurt by the thoughtless actions of others and your emionally charged anger propels you to wage a war of words. I hold many a battle of words in my mind. I win sometimes too. No what I mean is that once the anger has worn off and you think clearly I often realise the futility of a verbal argument. One thing always leads to another and before long you have no idea why you are arguing, the reason for continuing the grudge is born more from the fact that things were said in the heat of the mkment that had nothing to do with the original problem. Some people have to have the last say and more often than not they sill use petty family ties to win control of an argument and in the orocess causing siblings to distrust one another.

I ask myself that is it worth losing family whilst trying to win a win a war on words or is it not far better to have a little moan to your family and tehn turn a blind eye and simply allow these people there little triumphs if this what truly gives them a xense of self worth.







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