Will You Choose Love Today?

An interesting writing from Annabel Law Productions. The title is “TRUE LOVE IS A CHOICE. IT’S 80% COMMITMENT AND 20% FEELINGS”. I will just copy the things that I like, because precisely suit my thoughts. 🙂

We first meet, we fall in love.  We don’t choose who we fall in love with.  The feeling of euphoria slowly fades away, and life happens.  It is no longer spontaneous but it becomes routine.  We learn our strengths and our flaws.  We see the best and the worst.  We see how perfectly imperfect we are.  We learn our pasts, and the demons we can’t let go.  We are weird, we are quirky.  We learn we have different habits, weaknesses, and flaws.  We know discover each other and the aura of mystery disappears.  Sooner or later, the cupid spell wears off.  That, and the feeling of being in love, slowly fades away. When we reach this stage, there are 2 ways to deal with this:
1. Give up, break up and start the search again for the new ideal person.
2. Learn to compromise, accept imperfections, improve ourselves positively and constructively to be a better version of ourselves for each other.

Just because we don’t feel the same when we first started out, doesn’t mean we stop loving someone.  That is when we learn, that love is more than a feeling, we learn that love is commitment.  To love each other is a choice we have to make daily.  It is an intentional and conscious decision to choose to love each other for better and for the worstEmotions are fleeting and transient.  It takes more than emotion for true love to exists.  It takes hard work for relationships to be genuine, consistent and lasting.

Those who choose love, finds love.  Those who don’t, will seek it for the rest of their lives.  We choose who we want our soulmates, the love of our life to be. And we both have to choose it together.

I love playing games, including games of love. But I have had enough during my teens. 🙂
I have passed the drama stage. I ever put my hope to someone that ‘not-ready-in-relationship’. It was like upside down. My pride was challenged! I know how hopeless I was back then. After stopped texting and seeing each other, 4 months needed to move on. Also have passed the guy who didn’t fight for me. 

Now? I am able to sacrifice my ego. I am ready to maintain a good relationship. Because I stop hoping on people – whether is it about chasing me, keeping me, fight for me, or deeply in love with me. It all starts with myself. Am I willing to do the same thing? 

You will know you have found the right partner when he/she is sacrificing his/her ego just to make you happier. Respect their efforts and stop demanding. Quit seeking the ideal partner, you gotta create it. But, have you become that ideal? ^^

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