Wk 2: Day 10 Sunday

Today is meditation day. I decided to proceed with the same guided meditation clip from Youtube. I’m hoping my attempt today will exceed last weeks meditation duration of 9 minutes. 

When starting today’s meditation I was able to relax and concentrate on the guidance a lot better than from last week. I figured this was because I was familiar of what was to come in the guidance of the clip. I was able to put my mind into a deep trance while projecting images into my head. Occasionally my mind would drift off into what my plans were for the day, what I needed to get done but I was able to quickly recognise when my mind drifted off and divert it back into the meditation. 

Today’s meditation attempt lasted the whole 18 minute duration of the guided clip. I was very proud of my efforts and ability to concentrate and relax which definitely lifted my mood for the day. 

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