Best friend ditches me ?

I know it’s difficult for you, to leave me. But I’m the one who is left behind when you are having fun.
You’re not the one being left behind. That’s why you don’t understand. You say you do because u stayed all that time alone at home.
I came home every day afterwards and I was there in the weekends. So I don’t think you can compare.
I’m having a very difficult time with this because the person I am used to that we do things everyday together.
It does bother me that my best friend is not there for me on days that I need her the other most.
I see and understand now that I do mean a lot to you, but I’m not important. You say I am. But maybe you need to check again.
I feel like I’m important to you when you don’t have anyone else. When your family is not here. I understand family first.
But I feel like a toy that is used when the other toys are not available.
I’m trying to stay calm about it and understand it. But somehow I can’t comprehend it.
It is not the first time that has happened. But I must sincerely say that I feel abandoned in time of need.
Alone. Like no one cares. Like you don’t care. I know you do. I know that.
I don’t know what to think anymore. I’m confused.
It getting more difficult having you as my roommate. I’m really considering backing off a little.
Maybe it’s time to rediscover myself with or without you.
I know you don’t want to lose me. I don’t want to lose you either.
I’m not telling you to abandon your family for me either.
I feel in a dark place, trying to see the light.
Trying to understand all this.
I don’t want to make a big deal out of this. But to me it feels so.

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