Day 74

 Monday, May 9th 2016

Can I just crawl into another ball of social anxiety? Thanks. (I’ll explain later)
   Oh, and I actually tweeted of what happened last time and some account that helps people with social anxiety followed me. Just thought it was kinda funny.

Well first off, I should apologize about not posting an entry yesterday. I was busy with mother’s day and extremely tired. Of course, I’m gonna forget at some point, we’re not perfect. At least I can write it the next day and make it as if it was posted yesterday. In other words, yesterday’s entry is posted now.

Day 3

1st Period (09:10-10:25)
We studied some more for the test tomorrow. We also corrected our quiz, which I ended with a 72%. Not my best, but then again the person correcting was very strict with me. I was also not as concentrated because it was just a practice, so I didn’t try too hard as I normally would.

2nd Period (10:35-11:50)
We continued Animal Farm and we’re gonna start an essay. Other than that, we didn’t do much.

Lunch (11:50-12:50)
Sat with my closest friends and we talked about some different things. It’s odd how whenever I sit with them, I don’t remember what we talked about. It’s as if it isn’t memorable enough… but there is some very memorable moments with them throughout the years.

3rd Period (12:50-14:05)
We continued trigonometry and corrected our quiz. I got an 98%, just wrote 23,9 instead of 24 in a question. You needed a number after the coma, but the number was actually 23,999, so domino affect, you should be writing 24,0.

4th Period (14:15-15:30)
Visual Arts
We continued painting and I showed my picture to the teacher, supervisor, person (I still don’t know what’s her job’s name). Apparently my video game controller is a little too dark and I need some yellow in that area to match the other side of my picture. I’m gonna make the d-pad and the analog sticks yellow. Make it as if it looks like a customized controller.

After School
I got home and I called the department for a job. This is where the ball of anxiety comes from. I called, he was available, we talked, he thought I spoke English when I said “Shop helper” when speaking French, so I said whichever, then we continued in English, he didn’t know what I was talking about, then he said if I’m applying for a job I should just meet him (which means I already get an interview and that’s good, but still, the conversation was awkward and he was almost arguing, unless it’s just how his tone of voice is) then we set a time, which I’m not 100% sure I can do, but I’m gonna make my dad pull me out of the last 10-20 minutes of school if I absolutely have to, then when I was about to say “Thank you” he just hung up. Well then. Did I catch him in a wrong mood? Or is that just how he talks? I don’t know.
   I gotta study for science later and I need to relax. I also got to make sure my resume is good and fill up the form. I almost cried after the call because of that *sigh*. Why am I like this? I learned to accept it and after the conversation I feel completely fine, but during it, I’m so afraid.

That’s all for today.

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