Dreams of a Child

Im just a child, but im not ignorant to life.  I know right from wrong and wrong from right, but sometimes what I want to be right doesnt seem all too wrong.  I want him so bad. Who? A person thats way out of my league. It’ll never happen, but I’ve fantasized these moments with him that now they’re starting to feel all too real.

I dreamt about him last night. Our Drive home and our Deep meaningful kiss that we shared. Except… it wasnt real. It was just a dream of mine that I have every detail oddly remembered of distinct from the Faded memories of any other dream.  This one seemed hard to forget, maybe because it was just something I wanted so bad, but also something I knew I couldn’t have. 

My feelings haven’t changed. He’s leaving soon and he doesnt know how I feel but I just want the respect of a goodbye at the very least.  But maybe thats just apart of a dream that’ll never form… Along with his feelings for me.

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