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May 9 at 9:11pm
Hello! I have
something to write in here. You must listen.
It's some
kind of typical day for me. But hey, it's election day! Guess
what? Even if I'm still minor, I have some presidential & vice
presidential candidates whom I like to win. The good news is,
they're leading. My father must be lucky. His vote is worth it. I
can't wait to know the final result.
father ordered me to buy some "liempo" for our supper. I rode
a jeepney. Then I bought the liempo. On my way home, I also rode a
jeep. I'm in the end part so I decided to sit in the middle. When
I was about to go there, I accidentally held the man's "long
hair" sitting beside me. His reaction is very funny. He stared at
me. I felt so weird. I kept biting my lip to prevent myself from
laughing so hard. In the whole trip that was the only thing I'm
thinking of. And I guess it's what you call 'joyride'. The
other passenger must be thinking that I'm a crazy girl. Haha. I
don't care. While walking home, I took that opportunity to giggle.

~~~after eating supper I went out to buy load.
I saw my guy best friend, Melvin and pretended like I didn't saw
him. He will also buy an evaporated milk from the store. He punched my
shoulder slightly. It wasn't painful though. It's like some
kind of gesture. And we had "small talk" here is our
Me: Uy Melvin buti na Lang lumabas ka. Hahaha.
Taong bahay xD
Melvin: Hindi ah. Lagi nga ako nasa labas
Me: weh. E hndi nga kita nakikita.
Melvin: Ayan
nga oh 'di pa ko naliligo andami ko pang libag. Hehe
don't know that I saw him earlier playing volleyball with his
Me: [tumatawa ng malakas at sinabayan niya pa
Grabe 'to.
[inabot nya yung evap. galing
dun sa tindera.]
5 seconds of silence.
Me: hey
panalo si Duterte (presidential candidate) apir tayo!
(smirked) Sus 'di pa naman. Hanggang wednesday pa yun.. *He left
Oh he humiliated me!
I shouted on his
Me: sasapakin kita jan yari ka sakin!!
Then I
went home.. Let me tell you 'bout him. He is my classmate since
Grade 7. We always walk home. Together. I help him with his problem. I
comfort him whenever he's down/upset. I'm always here for him.
I don't know if he sees me as his best friend. But I treat him
like one. He has other friends. And I feel like for him, they're
more important than me. I care even if I don't get it back.
I'm just a true friend. Why am I doing this anyway?

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