Just ….simple person

How to be always happy and satisfied in life is question in every individuals mind. To me i find that to be a happy person is not a great deal. One can be happy in their own life style. Although, i am seeing mixture of different folks living in this modern world.  Some are wealthy while some are very poor.

I feel, we all will have one ultimate aim that is to be a happy person. How are we going to be a happy person. I am sure that some rich people never find joyful in ones life. Most of their life is being eaten by planning and working. While in contrary, most of the people people shall never find happiness due to their hardship in life. The main difference between them is that both the beings are unhappy due to some reasons.  Now how are we going to achieve our ultimate goal that is to be a happy person. It all depends on how one think and presume about our life. Life is beautiful if we know how to enjoy it but it becomes harder as soon as when our mentality becomes pessimist. Optimist always think of positive while pessimist think of negative. One will be happy by being a simple person and having a less ambition in ones life. To me, to achieve one’s goal to be a happy person is by limiting our unwholesome desire and ambitions. 

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  1. Amazing. Got me thinking like I never have before.

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