May 8 – Did I tell you this is 2016. Mother’s Day 2016. Things are weird on this end this time. Had chemo Wednesday and the nurse really hurt me when she accessed the port and when she removed everything at the end. Went home and the next day was the dreaded shot day. Read earlier entry to find out about that. Friday I had off from work and went to the local greenhouse. No problem. That night brought ritual diarrhea. I expected the weekend to be horrendous as usual. Saturday I called off work and was tired as usual and my joints hurt but not too much of any other side effects. Sunday my husband said he wanted to get me out of the house if I was up to it and so we went out for a walk and to get breakfast. I didn’t eat much but didn’t feel as I was expecting to feel either. Now I am wondering about my last chemo treatment. I assume it was done right or at least the drip went in me somewhere. Plan on going to work tomorrow. I wear my ball hat out all the time only to keep my head warm and protected but not as a cover up or to hide my bald head. I’m actually relishing in my new look. I don’t plan on ever having long hair again. All the scarves and the wig I got I plan on donating them to the cancer center. Hell they have never even been worn. As for me I like my freedom and for the first time in my entire life I don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks about me. Like me for me or don’t like me. I really don’t care. Happy Mother’s Day Mom. Miss you.

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