new journal

On the way to the pharmacy I was thinking about Chino Valley and remembering what it used to be like to live there. I was feeling homesick from living in Kingman now… which I really don’t like living in Kingman. Most of the trees are dying, the mountains scare me and it gets around 107 degrees, or more, during summer time. I live in a group home/transitional housing. I have 4 room mates… Ben, Jay, Trudy and Ray. Ray just recently moved in and the day he started living here we sat outside at the smoker’s table and started talking to each other. Now every time I see him he wants to hang out and it’s getting on my nerves >.< I don’t want to talk to him because it’s annoying and most of the time I just say “yeah”. I get so annoyed every time I say yeah so I’m trying to stay away from him. He irritates me because he tells me he’s bored and wants to talk and hang out but I’m not okay with that… I don’t want to have to take care of him. It’s sad though because he lays in bed all day and rarely watches tv. Janet (the house manager) isn’t allowing him to have a tv in his room so that he can play video games and watch Netflix. Ben and Jay always watch tv and Ray won’t interrupt them watching tv because he thinks it’s bad. Every time I see him he starts talking to me and I’m getting very annoyed thinking I’d have to take care of him when a. I’m not talkative in person b. I’m bland and sit there not knowing how to make good conversation and c. it’s just annoying. I wish Janet would let him play video games in his room but Ray said there aren’t supposed to be more tvs in the house. We only have one and I think that’s kind of messed up. Apparently Janet doesn’t want to run more than one tv and it’s pretty sad. I’m just going to keep to myself and ignore him a little. It’s not that I don’t like him or not interested in having a conversation but I don’t want to because it’s kind of annoying. That’s all I have for now, so let’s hope something good happens so I can continue making posts in this new journal.

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