Wk 2: Day 11 Monday

Today I went on a walk to my local park. I decided 45 minutes was a good amount of time to walk without becoming too exhausted. My question of the day was “how do I deal with my anxiety and how does it affect me?”. The walk allowed me to do a lot of thinking while taking in the actions of life around me. I answered the question of how I deal with my anxiety by bringing up the actions I take to reduce my anxiety. This includes socialising on a regular basis, attending events that make me feel anxious to try and overcome the feelings, as well as keeping a balanced diet. I then answered the question of how anxiety affects me and my life. It reminded me of times when I am not able to attend certain things such as public speaking or performances due to my anxiety getting in the way. I also noticed that I can be quite shy around new people but cope with this issue through fronting a confident personality even though it may not be my true self.

Although exercise isn’t usually something that I do often or enjoy doing, I did enjoy the walk as I was able to remain at my own pace with no stress or pressure on what I should be doing. 

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