I saw a little wooden sign in D’s room, on it she painted “I love mom”. I said “oh that is very sweet”. She hesitated for a moment and then said look on the back. She painted a foreign flag on the back.  She said it’s for her birth mother. But she said she was afraid of what I might think.  I told her to never be afraid of that. Of course you love her. And she loves you. Big moment. We’ve always been open with the kids about their adoption. It’s the only way to be. Keeping information from them would only cause emotional harm.

H and I are not on the same page with regard to S. I’m at a loss. The kid needs help.

I’m having my 3 year itch. I don’t want to be here at this job any longer.

The anniversary of my sister’s passing is near and I am an emotional time bomb.

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  1. You handled that perfectly with your daughter. Good job! Remember that your sister is in Heaven, and you will see her again. Jesus died for Everyone. Blessings.

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