Day 75 – Might be getting a job? And also, new names for the entry?

Tuesday, May 10th 2016

Today was GREAT! Went by really fast too.

Day 4

1st Period (09:10-10:25)
We didn’t do all that much, other than writing down why Animal Farm is an allegory, fable, fairy tale and satire. We also continued on our presentation while studying for science with my teammates, even though we’re in different classes.

2nd Period (10:35-11:50)
We had out test. Is it weird that I prefer tests more than I do just a normal class? I kinda complain about it, stress a little, but whenever I do a quiz or test, I usually get a good grade, so it’s very satisfying to get my results, unless I don’t get a good one, then instead I use that as a boost to motivate myself.
   Most questions went well, except for a few. I love how my teacher picked the only diagram that I keep forgetting what to do out of all the other possibilities that I know very well, even by just looking at them once. If only the object was in front of the foyer in a divergent lens instead of behind it, then I’d be fine (talking about physics).

Lunch (11:50-12:50)
I sat with my closest friends and I announced to them I had an interview tonight. One of them was like “Oh, nice!” then the other “Yeah! [my name] kicking a**!” You can really see the difference between us. Although my two closest friends hang out with each other more, one of them and I are more introverts and artistic than the third. Plus, we’re more interested in anime and history stuff.

3rd Period (12:50-14:05)
Visual Arts
We finished up our few paintings and one of my closest friends (the artistic one; I feel like I need to name her to make things easier the same way I did with Kohai… hm… I’m gonna make a legend that I can add at the end of each entry. How about the artistic close friend is called… The Prodigy, cause we keep saying she is and green is her favourite colour, then the other one… this is hard… Rainbow, because she is gay and she changes her hair colour every week or so (my entries are gonna look like an actual rainbow now with all the colours too, haha). Right now it’s pink, but the colour of the name will always be her hair colour in the moment I wrote this entry.) Anyway, I wrote too much to continue the phrase earlier, so let me repeat; The Prodigy gave me a pin for the contest I mentioned a few entries before. I’m gonna hang it up with the other things my friends gave me.

4th Period (14:15-15:30)
French / After School
We read more l’Avare and I acted as a character for once, and it was Valère. Other than that, we answered questions before I had to leave early for my interview. I had to wash my hands because I had a lot of dirt under my nails and they felt dirty. Something I can not deal with is feeling I have dirty hands. It’s just not comfortable. Well, my dad drove me to the office and we got there. I asked the receptionist to meet the interviewer and an employee had to bring me through the building to go to another section. Apparently as we exited the building and entered another one, my dad was parked right next to us and I didn’t even notice. Anyhow, after a lot of door security later and short, but funny conversations of “A lot of doors, huh?” with the short employee, I arrived to the office. This interview went well. We had a few moments of “What the heck are they saying, I didn’t hear,” but other than that, he was very impressed with the fact I gave my resume in French and English and seems that he is thinking of giving me the job. We also spoke that although he would call me if they ever need help for that department, their goal is for me to work in the wood shop and not the office. I told him either way is fine with me, then we talked a bit more about what the job entails before I had to leave (and for some reason every time I leave a conversation, I never remember how I left it, so I’m always worried if I left in a very rude way or not), but overall it’s very promising. 40h/per week is a lot, but it’s worth it. I’m totally up for it, because I get bored very quickly during the summer and if I do work in the wood shop, I’d finally be getting exercise, I won’t be bored and my mom doesn’t have to bother me to go outside anymore.
   My dad had to pick up my mom on the way home and the three of us had a good conversation about work, how being bilingual is very beneficial in our area (and how someone at Youth and I love to speak about our only English friend in French to annoy them, but really we’re just saying things like “They’re wearing a blue shirt!” Best reaction is when you say their name mid-phrase) and I told them about my current grades. My mom actually told me my grandmother is very proud for her grandchildren, because out of the four of us, we work hard to get good grades and none of us are struggling (not too much, at least). I wanna analyse something for fun; out of the four of us, my brother is the computer nerd that’s skilled in math and programming, I am the artistic one that is striving to become an animator, my cousin is the prodigy who is skilled at singing, is in the cadets and wants to work in medicine, then my younger cousin isn’t too sure what she wants to do yet (she still has some time to go anyway), but I think is applying for a private school and told me she wants to become an architect, but everyone in my family had said that at some point though, even I did.
   Other than that, I went home, relaxed by watching YouTube, wrote down notes of when to call the interviewer from earlier, then ate a rather small, but good supper (leftovers) before trying to take art pictures that’d be easier to paint tomorrow, but couldn’t match the look that I already had so I decided to stay with that I got, then I’m here now! I’m gonna call Kohai later and show her some music.

That’s all for today.


LEGEND (names) :
– Kohai : Best friend
– The Prodigy : Close, artistic friend
– Rainbow : Close friend that changes her hair colour almost every week and the colour of the name in the entry is her hair colour of the moment I wrote the entry.

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