Dear Father in Law

Enough is enough. Your son is not your care taker or responsible for you and your choices of being irresponsible. He is a man and trying to adult. His responsibilities lie at home with his pregnant wife and kids. Not taking care of your dogs and running around paying your bills and making sure your things are all lined up.  You are barely in your fifties and would have plenty of years ahead of you if you would just choose to live instead to kill yourself slowly. The alcohol, the pills and God only knows what else are robbing you completely of life and you don’t care. I know addiction I understand it I have been there. No one will change you but you. My children are not going to watch you die like this. You missed their birthday party. I’m not going to keep telling them you are in the hospital every few month and I will cut you out of their lives to save them from watching you die. look at your dad he is old healthy and living life. You don’t have to take care of him do you? Not that you could anyways because you cant even take care of yourself right now. I’m angry with you, and I despise you right now. 

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