Thank god for giving me the chance to live until now. There’s still a lot of sins that have to be forgiven. My goals now just to be a better person tomorrow and the day after and forever. Life is hard but I guess what else I can do? Suicide? Stupid things to do.  But there something I want to ask, what should I do to push away my anxiety or nervous feelings? I always have those feelings and I hate it. I hope I can make it gone away. 

3 thoughts on “Grateful”

  1. One thing i have learned from anxiety is you cant “bury it” behind you like a bad memory and it never goes away. Its a disease you are stuck with like herps so the only option for me was practicing different methods of management. Most of my anxietys revolve around public settings new places and driving around more than a few cars at a time….which ALL of those are unavoidable in liFE.. So i started with confidence building for the social interacrions and practice for the driving. Without forcing myself into situations that made me uncomfortable, i couldnt grow into feeling comfortable when they happened. Its all about patience and persistence when it comes to being anxious for me. Good luck on your way 🙂

  2. Dear one, you probably need medication for the anxiety disorder. I am on one. It REALLY helps. Find a good doctor. Don’t give up! You will be a light in this world.
    That’s a prophetic word God just gave me for you. Amen!

  3. Thank your for the reply. I appreciate it. ^_^

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