I like him because he’s smart, headstrong and independent.

So I’ve already mentioned my most natural kiss.

But he came after the boy who loved me most. He was what you would call, a REAL man.

When I was 11 I met this boy in my church who my mom thought was a total hottie. He was tall, dark but not really handsome in my eyes. He was 14. My first memory of him was hanging out at his house with his younger sister who was my age. Him and his friend silly stringed us out of no where, we chased them, I kicked his door and it broke. He wasn’t really mad. He was actually kind of astounded that an 11 year old broke his door. I’d kind of smile  or wave hi when I’d see him around, which wasn’t much since I started going to a different church. But we had mutual friends so at the same time it was kind of regular, but we still didn’t say much to each other. 

When he was 17, I went to his dad’s funeral. 

I was probably 13 going on 14.  And I don’t remember the service much, but I remember feeling very confused. This was the first funeral I ever went to, I was already bad at comforting people. I do remember waiting in line to console the family. I remember he was standing up and his mother and two younger sisters were sitting down. It was my turn and I awkwardly stared at him and he kind of smirked and said “Well are you gonna give me a hug or something?”

He will never believe me, and I never tried telling him, but I kind of felt my heart brighten a bit. I don’t know what that means, but I just felt it. 

I sort of giggled and said “Sure.” 

“Yessss.” He said as we hugged.

Not even a year later he moved away. We still weren’t close when he left. 

A couple years later, Instagram would change things. I was 18 at the time I started following him.

I put up a post about “Smash Bros. Brawl”, which was all the rage at the time. And a couple of me and my friends were arguing who was best and he joined in on the argument and we ended up exchanging Kik usernames, so we could get each other’s friend codes. I wrecked him in Smash. We talked a bit over Kik then we exchanged numbers and started talking through there. We’d text regularly over the course of a couple months then one day he asked if I had Skype. I totally did. So we Skyped. Within the first half hour, I felt I never wanted to hang up. I felt an immediate connection and was crushing so hard. I asked him to Skype me, every day after that. Now from my writing, you may not be able to tell. I am extremely goofy. I’m always making hideous faces, spouting the most random nonsense, saying things that should not be said out loud, not being able to sit still, and doing anything to make someone smile. 

He always said he was appalled by the things I said and that I was a terrible person, but always after a laugh and with a smile on his face.

One day he didn’t really have a type but he sees girls as either, pretty, cute, or sexy. I asked him what he thought I was and he said he didn’t have an answer. So I accused him of thinking I was ugly and after a couple minutes of accusations, he said “I can’t put you in a category, you’re all three.” 

Ugh my heart strings.

A couple days later I told him “kind of liked him.” and he said he couldn’t believe me and I comically freaked out and kept asking why and eventually he laughed and said he was joking and that he “sort of liked me too.”

This is not the end of the story but I just don’t feel like writing the rest right now. Another day. (I already wrote this much. It’s going up.) (Also, the eel tattoo is a water tattoo on the guy that I’m writing about we got at a pet store.)

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  1. Aww, this is such a sweet story! I can’t decide whether I want to know how it continues or not. Depends on the outcome. <3

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