University boy feels the changing weather!

Today was a fair day. Got up early at 8 went to university at 10.
Missed the first lecture which was Analysis of Algorithms and which
was supposed to start at 8. Fortunately Professor took a day off

Got home early at 1:30 and went to sleep.

Did some cleaning, house was a mess afterthe termite control people
messed up the whole layout of the house. All the furniture was
gahtered in the center of TV launge and all the cupboards and drawers
were emptied on the floor and stuff like that.

Then the weather took a turn it was flaming hot in the day but as soon
as the sun set there was a blizered full of dust.

The area we live in a very hot and dry in summer thus when there is a
blizered there is lot a dust. It covers the horizon. It is actually a
little scary when you see a wall of dust 500 meters hight coming moving
toward you.

Then after an hour or so the dust passed and there was only strong cold

It is starting to rain now.

I’ve got tired of eating things that I’ve been eating for my whole small
21 years of life. I want to eat new things and I always do whenever I get
the chance. I like to talk to random people but then at the same time I
affraid to be alone I always stay with someone where ever I go and when I
am with someone I don’t talk to anyone else I stay in my box.

In university I’m always with a friend, outside I always call a friend from
school or highschool to come along with me.

I need to change this.

I don’t do conversations online or on Cell phones I believe they are void of
real emotions.

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