A break

It´s been quite a while since I have been in here. Months has passed by and a ot of things have happened in my life since the last time.

I thought I needed a break form everything so I disconnected for a while. I deactivated my acoounts on social medias and decided to spend the sparetime that i suddenly had on focusing on me.

I started working out again and I even started school. Hell. It´s hard. Difficult, but I´m hanging in there. And Im enjoying it.

I got my first grade for a project the other day. I got a C and that´s totally fine. It´s what I expected to get.


Can´t really remember the last time I felt so good about something. About mysef and my situation.

I haven´t smoked weed since newyears eve so that a good thing too.

I still feel down sometimes, but I guess that´s copeable, considering how lousy and meaningless I used to feel about everything.

Overall I feel fine. I am fine and it´s not just something I say so people get off my back. 

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