Finding Cofidence

I’m starting to notice less anxiety attacks ever since I told people I have anxiety. I’ve really gain a  lot of support from people and even from here! I’m beginning to feel more comfortable but I still panic here and there. I have been doing breathing exercises to calm myself whenever I find myself coming to an attack, although I never really know when they happen. Sometimes my toes and fingers begin twitching and that’s usually when my attacks happen. My voice has gotten louder from the last time I tried to do a class presentation, well last time I didn’t really give a class presentation. I remember the school nurse saying that my teacher told her I passed out while getting out of my seat. I was actually able to walk to the front of the class this time but I had wobbly knees and a few sweats of fear, it’s for sure more than last time. 

One thought on “Finding Cofidence”

  1. So glad to hear you are having a little less anxiety! Praise God. Deep breathing is good. Also, have a short “mantra” you can think over and over until the feeling passes. I use “Jesus, help me” — it’s a prayer. God bless you!

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